Dental Instrument Processing Center (DIPC) Renovation

dental instrument processing center

Renovate Dental Instrument Processing, Bolling AFB

A complete design for a new, functional Dental Instrument Processing Center (DIPC) and three new offices, with work involving demolition, MEP, structural, architectural, and communications. KC coordinated all construction activities with the government. Requirements included moving, storing, re-setting furniture, and installing existing and new equipment. KC ensured minimal impact or disruption to the mission of the facility. The existing DIPC rooms remained in operation during the remodeling and set up of the new DIPC rooms; DIPC operations, employees, and equipment transition took place according to the plan scheduled and coordinated with the Government. The old DIPC rooms were repurposed to create three (3) new offices. Failed and failing system replacement with modern engineering systems as outlined accomplished while remodeling within the existing primary structure and leaving support walls intact, and ensuring that new DIPC rooms met proper airflow and pressurization criteria and all other specifications.