Air Unit Electrical Infrastructure and Building Repairs


FA DRT San Angelo Air Unit Electrical Infrastructure and Building Repairs, San Angelo, TX

KC repaired and refurbished the existing “lean-to” building including HVAC systems, lighting, electrical, wall framing, drywall, insulation, painting, flooring, and steel storage mezzanine. A new 300KW diesel generator with a 700+ gallon belly tank and automatic transfer switch (ATS), protected by 8 concrete bollards was installed in the ground control station (GCS). Built two new flight-line lights, electrical panels, circuit breakers, receptacles, conduits to the rooftop platform and adjacent antenna towers. A new lightning protection system was installed to protect the building, rooftop platforms, and two new antenna towers. The overhead crane system was augmented with additional steel and a new 5-ton bridge crane. Two base pads and steel radio towers were created and added at the ground data terminal antenna. Two concrete pads were constructed at the KU satellites. All work was completed in accordance with FAA, the City of San Angelo, and Customs and Border Protection requirements.